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Bit confused over Latchford Station, in relationship to the crossing on the corner of Loushers/Wash Lane. I know that the station was were the Cantilever Garden carpark was, but was the crossing leading to sidings? :shock:


Peter, the photo where you are unsure about the situation of Latchford station was taken before the Ship canal was excavated, consequently the embankment did not exist and was formed from the spoil taken from the digging of the canal. The next photo that I have placed on here is after the canal had been built and you can see the station buildings still standing but no longer used as the line had been diverted up on to the banking with a new station built close to where Cantilever Garden Centre was eventually built.

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Looking at the two photos of the Fox Inn, the last photo shows a different building on the right, but the same building on both photos on the left..... do you know the time difference between the two photos Algy?

I had the date incorrect on the first photo of the Fox Inn, James Hewitt was the licensee in 1871 and Elizabeth Earl in the 1890s' so around 20 years difference the later picture shows the roof reslated and the dormer having been removed.

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