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Northwich Game \ support

joey dunn

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Hello folks, first time on the forum, but felt it was justified to comment on your support tonight. I know the lads are really grateful for the support from the terraces but tonight it was top drawer.

I have seen the posts and the feeling of frustration is shared by the players of a game we felt we should have won, but that is football and the league has been our priority all season.


Over the season the club has grown and we as a management team have always maintained that progress from last season has always been the priority as we knew that this would put us in a position that would make us competitive at the business end of the season. Unfortunately you get nothin for being in the top 6 in January, but rest assured we are looking to get even better in the last twenty odd games.


I think the club as a whole has grown over the last few years and it has been my job to try and make that happen on the pitch and we wanted to do this playing football the right way, which i am sure you would agree that we have treid to do in every game this season, as i know that people paying to watch football want to see football being played, and we will endeavour to do this as the season pans out: but we also know we have a steely edge to us which you need if you want to be succesful.


The cornerstone of what we are trying to do is based upon a great team spirit and being all together as a team, and we know that this includes everyone at the club, from the directors and supporters through the team and finally down to us the management team.


I think we are at a part of the season where we are needing everything we can to push us on to be succesful and the part of the supporters and those potentially new supporters who may come to watch a succesful team, cannot be underplayed.


I have been at many football clubs as a player and in a managment capacity and warrington always holds fantastic memories for me, and being part of a succesful team at the minute is something which gives me great pleasure. At the basis of all the decisions we make is the desire to be a succes. Being able to achieve success with Warrington would be such a great feeling, personally, and i know that you would all share my enjoyment at achieving this, so the enjoyment and support being shared this year gives me great satisfaction.


It is important that we stick together in this pursuit hence the title of this post. So keep on supporting us, in the right way, as our reputation as a good family club is integral to what we want to achieve and how we want to do it. The barmy army are a great sight to see when we are playing and as long as we keep the support up and keep it growing we know we will keep on improving on the pitch.


As i've said before, we've twenty odd big games to come, so get yourself and twenty of your closest friends to each game and heres hoping we can achieve a succesful end to what has been a really enjoyable season so far.


Thanks again for tonight and every game in the last two years; it is never undervalued, or taken for granted, by all on the football side of things



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Well done Joey and the team for getting us where we are today.

A dissapointing result last night but a brilliant performance from the team as a whole. All the team showed true grit and determination, some unfortunate decisions by the referee cost us that game. If we can maintain this spirit and perform as we did last night the play offs are ours to take.

Well done to all who contributed to a fantastic performance.


Come on you Yellows.



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Welcome to the forum Joey - hope this is the first post of many rallying the troops.

I echo everything you have said - and again would like to thank the barmy amry for their terrific support - hope to see you all for the visit of Woodley on Saturday.

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I'll echo that - as club skipper it certainly rallies the troops when you hear the drum going and the songs belting out. It gives us that drive when we may be feeling a little tired at key points in a game. Great to see the support Tuesday - it was electric, especially when the goal of the season went in!!!!!!


Well done guys, it is very much appreciated by all the players and not undervalued. Its also great at this level to interact with you personally as well.



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It's great to know our support gets noticed, we don't have the biggest crowd, but we always try to out sing the opposition at every point possible. Happy whether we win or lose, knowing that the team play a good game, keep up the good work. Bigger and better things are coming our way.

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Just like to say thank you for the praise of the support from Joey and Tommo, you know we will be there win, lose or draw!! keep winning and the support will only get bigger and louder.


Keep up the good work and I know that all who have watched us this season are very proud of what the players have achieved so far...but as fans tend to do we always want more :) lets all work together and finish the season strong on you never know what might happen, promotion is in our sights!!


All the fans are enjoying the season so far, lets make it a little more special come the business end. Keep it going and we will always be behind you whatever happens.


Come on Town!!!!

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