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So what happened to being taught in class, absorbing the information, increasing on such information through book reading and then taking an exam, for which you could be asked anything about the full subject range? Or does education now exist solely for the purpose of training folk to pass the next exam? :?

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But Obs even you must know that you can gain information from more places than just classroom books ... I actually don't know what you are wittering on about now :roll::lol:


I bet you have learned a lot more since the invention of and your access to..... "the internet" than you did in school :P


How many exams did you pass and how many do you recon you would pass if you got called back to take take them tomorrow :lol:

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A usefull avenue for learning OR an opportunity for cut and paste plagerism? :?


Both, but you may plagerise incorrect facts and then you will get caught out. This has always gone on when students copied directly from books, the internet just makes it easier to do and easier to get found out. Depends on how alert the Professor or Teacher is :D

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