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Eat your carrots!


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Not just a ww2 myth though Obs as Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A, and vitamin A is indeed for healthy eyesight, skin and immune system.


If you are deficient in Vit A then your night vision will deteriorate.... it's pretty hard to become deficient though as the body only needs a small amount of Vit A :wink:


If you really want to improve your eyesight get yourself a games console and some war/fighting games with guns :shock::wink:


Scientist have found that pc/console games that involve aiming and shooting and virtual objects can improve eyesight and increases your night vision. It does this apparently as it trains the eyes ability to detect objects in twilight conditions where colours fade into different shades of grey.


The only other way of improving 'visual contrast' is to improve the optics of the eye with contact lenses, glasses or surgery.


No good for me though as I can't use the xbox controller as there's too many buttons and I can't remember what they all do :lol:

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No Algy, there the ones who put it about during WW2, that the success of our night fighters was due to our pilots eating carrots; rather than divulge the secret of radar! Alas the Germans already had radar! :wink:

Bloody Hell obs do you think I've bin in the dark since 1940? :wink:

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