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Word of the year: Austerity, the 14th century noun defined as "the quality or state of being austere" and "enforced or extreme economy," set off enough searches that Merriam-Webster named it as its Word of the Year for 2010


Sort of fits my life - what about yours?

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sounds about right for me too. never liked paying over the odds for anything. mind you i am not as bad as one of uncles. he is the sort of person that can embarrass you whenever he is with you shopping.


an example. he was travelling along the motorway and stopped off at a service station with his wife and my mother and father. there was also one of my other uncles and his wife following them. he said he would sort out the food whilst they got hot drinks. my mother nearly died when he asked the girl behind the counter for a VERY large portion of chips and six forks. :oops::oops:

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