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A Plea To Tesco


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To whom it may concern.


Dear Sir/Madam.


I have forwarded you the address of a wench that I know of, who is willing to foster these poor helpless baby mice, and any more that you or your other collegues find in their stores up and down the country, until they are old enough to look after themselves. The wench in question can be found on Warrington-Worldwide forums.


Yours sincerely,


a well wisher.




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Good letter Wingy :lol::lol::lol::wink: I'll get my little droppers ready :lol:


As for the woman (a health visitor :lol: ) in the story though... talk about overkill.


Fancy saying .... 'They were repulsive and made me feel revolting,' .............. 'The whole situation was horrible'


Is she after compensation or something :roll:


They are just tiny little baby mice.... that's all. How on earth would she cope in her job if someone sliced their arm open if she finds a few little newborn mice so horrifying.


They are younger than the ones I found under my bed in the caravan though as they had started to get their fur. Bless them the mummy was stuck behind the mesh on one of the cupboard bases and when we took it apart it raced under my bed....


... there we found a carrier bad with a chewed up minature plastic kite in it and some other bits and bobs made into a snuggly nest... full little baby field mice.


.... no we didn't kill them :wink:


Although some of their relatives came to a sticky end in the months that followed as they wouldn't stop 'visiting' :oops:8)

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