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Trouble is, it takes just as much energy to melt down old glass and reform it into new bottles as it does to make new glass out of sand. And sand isn't really a resource in short supply anyway.


Most glass which is sent for recycling is ground down and used as ballast in road building rather than recycled and used to make new bottles and jars.

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Oooh Algy that will frustrate me now :lol:


How do 'they' know glass takes 1 million years to decompose? :shock:


How long has glass (as we know it) been around for ?


I'm tempted to go outdoors now in the cold and dig a hole to place my free McDonnalds 'Coca Cola' green glass in.... just think.... sometime in the next million years someone could find it and spend many years trying to figure out what 'coca cola' was and why it was there and also why the colour green was important ?


Was it some supreme race or invading foreigh force from a land called 'Cola' who hid their treasures en route... nope it was Dizzy and her freebeis and all down to Warrington Worldwide, Lidl wine and soda... actually the wine is rather nice :lol::D Hick :oops:

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