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Durham Away


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Does anybody now if there will be a coach running to Durham and if so how much is it going to be and what time it leaves etc


thanks its just so i can round a few up to go cos not bin on a day outing since last year fa cup.


be a good day out

but dont think the players will like the artificculy pitch i think they should try and train at birchwood on of the days before the game to get used to it.



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There will be a coach leaving the club at around 10 am as it is a 3 1/2hr journey! :shock:

The cost will be ?10 adults and ?5 for under 16s and hopefully a full football card! :wink:

I hasten to add that these are subsidised prices as they in no way actually cover the costs.

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Gary i say charge ?10 adults and ?7 kids for this one becasue it is a long way and instead of a football card, get raffle tickets and get everyone to bye at least one for ?1 and get a prize say bottle of wine or some chocolates or just half of the money. also you could easily make money on the coach by selling drinks prob not alound but just a suggestion.

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Hi Gary - when will there be a decision on this game? See that even the Woodley game is off because of snow in the vicinity!


Unfortunately we can't even get Durham to answer the phone or respond to emails - looks like the place has been completely cut off!

But rest assured there will be no game tomorrow!

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