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Current Debt


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"October's figures saw the UK's budget deficit widen by another ?7.1bn.


Net debt is now ?845.8bn, representing 57.1% of gross domestic product - also a record for October."


NB Excludes debt for bailing out banks.


Staggering the mess the economy was in excluding the bank problem.

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Come on Baz, it was a world wide financial binge and the hangover is now worldwide. Yes, Labour was complicit in the lemming like binge, spending money they didn't have, but so was the the public running up ?1,000s on credit cards and mithering for mortgages they couldn't afford, and the Banks were throwing money at 'em. The Irish (Cetic Tiger) had it's binge and cos their in the Euro-Zone can't devalue their currency (by printing money) to ecape the worst of it. Meanwhile, we have devalued, wiping an estimated 25% off savings, from those folk who didn't engage in the feckless financial intoxication. :twisted:

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