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Wrexham gone bust


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Once again a club which is seemingly vital to the expansionists has gone belly-up. They have *ring fenced* their debts, in other words their creditors can go and whistle for their cash. We've seen much the same tactic when London Broncos closed down on a Friday night and opened up on Monday morning under another name. All well and good if you don't happen to be one of the mugs who are owed money to. Wrexham have said they will sell their assets to carry on. What assets do they mean ? They don't own the ground. They must mean their shirts and boots for aside from player's registrations that's about all they own.Perhaps they will sell their players but hang on a minute, how can they compete in the game without players ? Harlequins can't be far behind in the financial stakes considering the meagre crowds thay attract. Expansionism has been tried for the last forty years and has been an abject failure. Rugby League is a parochial game and nobody has ever said anything to convince that it is somehow wrong.

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To be honest Safe's and I speak as a totally commited anti expansionist luddite.

The financial problems seem to be inherited from their earlier experiment in Bridgend and the current owners have become the fall guys.

I went to our game in Wrexham last season ready to pull the whole operation to pieces...and to be honest I was impressed with the enthusiasm and friendly welcoming attitude I encountered it was a far better match day experience than my later trips to Wakefield AND Knowsley Rd.

So I think they deserve a chance (can't believe I said that :D )

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Don't worry about trading in a solvent manner...the RFL will always cough up.


... The Rugby Football League are thought to be sympathetic to the club's plight and have agreed to make a payment from central funds as normal in order for the administrators to fund the players' wages.


..... http://www.sportinglife.com/rugbyleague/news/story_get.cgi?STORY_NAME=rleague/10/11/17/RUGBYL_Crusaders.html

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