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Eggs... no thanks !!


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Do you like eggs..... I've just gone right off them :evil::cry:


Undercover footage from two English hatcheries involved in the egg production industry has just been released which shows a "conveyor belt to death" where upto 40 million male baby chicks are routinely killed every year just after they have hatched :evil::evil::cry: Seems most male chicks regardless of farming methods suffer the same fate.


After they hatch they are put on a conveyor belt where they are hand sorted and the males are then either transported directly to a gassing machine or thrown ALIVE into electric mincers.... why ?... simply because males can't lay eggs.


It's barbaric and makes me feel sick. Surely there is no need for that in this day and age !!!!!!! :evil:

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unfortunately we humans have the choice and power to decide what constitutes being worthy of a higher quality of life eg. ourelves, our pets, wild birds, endangered species etc., however when it comes to animals in our food chain we don't seem to have any concience.

If you show that footage to the average lady of the house she would be appalled and perhaps stop buying eggs for a few weeks but eventually she will be putting them back in her shopping trolley, we all have short memories and poor principles whe it comes to feeding our stomachs. :(

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So are you saying that is is fine and acceptable to throw chicks ALIVE into an electric mincer Algy :evil::roll:


My point is that there must be a less barbaric way to 'dispose' of males or to find out if they are male/female before they hatch. (now there's a thought maybe we should do it to humans too :lol: )


PS... if anyone is thinking of googling to see if there is any such way DO NOT type the words 'identify' 'sex' and 'chick' into your search :lol::shock::oops::oops::lol:

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No Dizz it's not correct to treat any creature in that manner however I don't believe that refusing to buy eggs is the way to stop this despicable procedure there are other ways to prevent it from happening, whoever took the footage shewed the first step, when it was displayed was the next step, it's now up to Joe public to put pressure on those that have the power to stop it.

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