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Yorkshire Epitaph


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A chap in Yorkshire had just buried his late wife and ordered a headstone for her. The maison asked what epitaph would he like and he said "She was always very religious so I think 'Lord, she was thine.' would be nice.


The maison agreed and after 6 weeks the guy received a card saying the headstone had been mounted ready to view. So off he went to the cemetry and when he saw the epitaph it read "Lord, she was thin."


He went straight round to the maison and complained bitterly saying "You've missed the 'e' off the epitaph."


The maison apologised profusely and said he'd send a lad up through the week and correct the mistake.


Next week the chap went to view the grave and the epitaph now read......









"E Lord, she was thin."

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