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Tuition Fees?


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Those from public schools get a better education Sadly :!: If universities had to half their intake, those students would not suffer would they :?: If all schools gave an equal education then I would be more inclined to agree with you but they don't :!:


If the public school kids are more deserving academically then surely they should go? Kije, you obviously have a serious hangup with people who are richer than you so you seem to think that we should exclude the clever rich kids and give a chance to thick, poor kids..... now how is that ever going to help the economy to flourish?

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Intelligence can't be bought, education can. IF we are to prosper in this new competative global village, we need to foster natural ability and enhance it with the necessary skills base that our economy requires. There is clearly waste in higher education, caused by NuLabs obsession with University attendance for it's own sake, rather than it's contribution to the needs of the Nation. So they could start saving by pulling the plug on state support for all non-essential degree subjects and making the essential one's free and based solely on accademic ability. :shock:

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I'm not sure that Businesses and employers do value degrees any more, they are the ones saying the newly employed can't read and write properly and aren't ready for the work environment. What they do value is hard workers with the right attitude who are both literate and numerate and that seems to be what is lacking in the present system.

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