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Should Ministers be qualified?


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A minister is just the front man.... the real work is done by the people in the background who have studied all the various departmental stuff for years.... they just tell the minister what to say


Otherwise, how could someone like Jackie Smith become home secretary for gods sake????

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and your point is what Kije? Ministers are merely front men for the real people who run the country.


Thankfully I am just glad we got rid of the corrupt Labour lot who are all now falling over each other to write million selling books to earn the millions they so desperately crave, whilst all the time slagging off people who have money


The whole lot of them are just a bunch of hypocrites. We have had them on here with Geoff and Paul, the local councillors who are now not allowe don here because they must tow the party line and do as they are told; despite all the nonsense they may have spouted about being truly independant of the whip and all that crap

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Baz I was just replying to your post about Labour Ministers, you do not have to look far in this administration to find Ministers in posts, they are not suited to do, interesting though you choose a labour ex minister for your point :wink:


As to your other point, I did wonder where they had gone :wink:

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