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No, No, No and No again!!


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This is government going insane:




With government agencies past record on IT projects why would we trust them to get it right this time? And why should we allow them to take all our salaries and then give us back an amount they deem to be correct? This is the thin end of the wedge, not even the USSR went so far! NO, NO, NO!! :shock::shock::evil::evil:

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How on earth would they cope with calculating every working persons wages and then ensuring it was paid to the right bank account of the right person on the right day. THEY WOULDN'T. Once computer glitch or system crash and the whole country would be without wages.


You know what... IF... they ever decided to do this I'll pack my job in just to spite them 8):lol:


Why donlt they just make sure everone HAS the right tax code and make sure all payroll departments use the HMRC's online central calculator/payment software that already exists.

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:D:wink: Everyone take note just incase and we can all submit at the same time just to confuse the system after all back in January?? it was also reported that a lot of the tax offices were closing as a cost cutting exercise !! 8)


Which also reminds me... apparently after the various closures the hmrc's major tax investigations unit was to be based in Warrington. Guess we are all buggered then unless of course they rely on Warrington's public transport network :lol:

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Interesting anecdote on the HMRC: a firm received notice of a financial penalty, for not posting in their PAYE info on time. The firm rang the address shown on the HMRC notice and got a discontinued number. Eventually, they spoke to someone at the HMRC, who informed them that the returns had been sent to the wrong address. "But that's the address on the notice"! "Errm, they must be using the old stationary still, they've now moved to N/Ireland" (said without even an apology). :twisted:

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You forgot to mention the change in hmrc's bank account details for online payments a while ago Obs..... Our got paid into their bank account, which turned out to be their old bank account, and was lost for a short while but then reappeared.


And also one of our year end payments was said to have been late but had accidentally been allocated by THEM to the next year.... but they did find and correct it and put it back to the correct year after we questioned it.


Best one was when we submitted a our P35's etc online. We got a whopping ?400 fine for being late.. :shock: even though we had done it online. They said we hadn't but we knew we had so we tried to resubmit online again but it said we HAD ALREADY DONE IT so couldn't do it again. :?


Even their techies couldn't understand it all as one computer said 'no' the other said 'yes'. Anyway they did reduce the fine to ?100 after we sumitted it AGAIN manually and contested the fine with a detailed account of the whole saga. Nice of them eh :roll:


We never did pay the ?100 fine though.. only just realised that :shock::oops::lol:

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