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Has anyone had a cuppa at the NEW coffee shop on Orchard

Geoffrey Settle

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tried a few of these new "coffee" house places.

they don't half give you a funny look if you ask for coffee.

"we have cappuccino, mocha, latte, latte mocha, mochaccino, cappa latte" " i just want a cup of coffee" "we have etc etc"

finally you get those huge soup bowls half full of froth that go cold before you have a chance to get to the "coffee"


Mrs sid and i went to one in the new mall and got a "coffee, a chocolate and a toasted cheese and ham sandwhich (Mrs sid was a bit peckish), i almost told them to forget it when they said eight quid. i could feed four at McDonald's for less than that.

for six fifty i can get some decent mince that will let me make at least six meals out of it.


big rip off as far as i am concerned.

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Well I had a nice pot of tea at 120p (sorry can't get the pound sign to work) and I was tempted to have a cake or something but I looked at my belly and thought NO Way I'm preggers.


You also get two trees on your loyalty card. :wink: I've emailed Gary to say that there's room for the odd WWW magazine. Now that might entise you or not?


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