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Pre Season Friendlies

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What are everyone's thoughts so far?


Can we see an improvement from last season already, any opinions on the new players we have brought in?


For me the fitness and change of playing style is a definite improvement already, the lads look fitter and seem to like to pass the ball around a lot more, still the problem lies in finishing the chances though!! This is not an attack on the strikers as I feel they are capable of doing the job to improve on last season, it just seems that they squander too many chances infront of goal. Time will tell and when Gahgan is back in the team im sure it will make a big difference

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i have only seen one game in the pre-season friendlies and that was the other night but as you pointed out the fitness has certainly improved and we are passing the ball around more cant make comment on the new signing but the new left back dave ness is awesome we were definatley missing the mighty midget the other night. Also i have noticed that a few players that struggled last year have made big improvements to their game i.e evo and levi


i feel that this is our season




Peter T Admin.

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Only seen the match agaist Northwich Vics but was pleased to see more play to feet rather than the long ball all the time. Really rate young Sam, hes like a ferret, high work rate, quick and good ball control. Two new guys up front (dont know their names yet) in the latter part of the match looked quite useful as well, strong on the ball and willing to chase. I`m looking forward to a promising season for the Town. Not yet predicting promotion (too early) but should definately improve on last seasons placing.

Come on the Town, give us supporters something to shout about.


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i honestly dont remember swearing but a few people have said that i did so i am making a full and sincere appology because it is not needed and i didnt mean to put it.

Im not here to swear and abuse topics im here just to voice my oppinion so i hope that people can accept my appology

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The big tests are to come with the games against teams higher up the pyramid.

The pre-season "friendlies" have really come to an end now and teams should be getting close to league fitness and form.

The games against Marine and Colwyn Bay should show the progress that Town have made, and will give a good indication of what to expect for the season.

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