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Seems Europe and in particular the UK, are not the only countries being swamped by immigration: the US has an immigration problem on it's southern borders. However, their approach appears slightly more meaningfull than ours; following capture, illegals are imprisoned and systematically returned to their country of origin by (con) air. The TV prog visited the home of a deported immigrant in Guatamala - and I noticed it's nice (hot) climate and a virgin beach - so instead of them moving north for money - why don't we build some hotels by these nice beaches and take the money (custom and jobs) to them? :?

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When they capture illegal immigrants in America, they go though mostly the same procedures that they do in Europe Obs. America has a far worse immigration problem than europe :!:


You cannot seem to keep away from your favourite subject, are the BNP paying you for this. Is it a tactic they have to keep it in peoples minds, infiltrate town forums and keep posting about it. :?:

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