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Private sector profits?


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One area where the ombusman seems to be in favour of the supplier rather than the consumer is United Utilities ability to charge businesses for the water that drains from the roof of industrial premises and enters the UU drains!!


For my unit, we use about ?25.00 a quarter in water and waste water via the sink drains, loo etc. (so very little) but UU charge us ?400 every 6 months for the water that runs off the roof and because we are on an estate, we also get charged for the drainage to shared parking areas too!


The scheme was backed by the water watchdog! Lets hope it doesn't come to domestic premises too!

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It is theft Kije..... pure and simple. As I said, we don't use a tenners worth of water a month, but get charged the exhobitant amount because the unit and its overall footprint is above a certain size!


They initially wanted ?1200 a year but we argued them down! Now bear in mind that that amount of money is charged to every one of the ten units on our small estate and you can see why their profits are so much!


It is called "surface area charging" google it!

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