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Games crashing?


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depends on how you play the game :wink:


seriously. it may be that there is a slight glitch in the software that only shows up when certain conditions are met causing the game to lock up or shut-down.

despite rigorous testing at various stages of development there will always be something that is missed or does not show up.

it could also be a problem with the disk that it is played from (assuming that you need the game disk in your CD drive to play the game)

check the disk to see if there are any fingerprints on it or scratches. if there are then a clean the disk or if they are deep scratches you may need to have the disk repaired (unless you have the means to do it yourself)


there could also be a software conflict with some other programs that may be running in the background, especially if some software has been updated or you have a different antivirus installed ( again assuming that you are playing on a PC/MAC and not a games console)


may even be the weather that is causing your games to crash. this global warming (sorry climate change) can play hob with some PC's :wink:

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