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Warrington Town Working Party


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There will be a working party at the club this Saturday morning from 8am :shock: tidying up around the ground and preparing for the arrival of the new kitchen/snack bar facility.

As many volunteers as possible please.

Gloves and bin sacks will be provided as there is still plenty of weeding and litter to clear up from the demolition site next tot he clubhouse.

I will aso be there selling tickets for the Peace Cup game.

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also weeding and picking up litter I hope Gary


Can you need read a full post, absorb all the information and let it sink in before posting! :roll:

Weeding and litter picking are both highlighted in my post!

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Without you being so pedantic as usual I think they were implying that you would be weeding and litter picking Gary.


Why am I being pedantic for misreading a badly worded sentence?

When I see Woody bending his back I will join in!


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