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More support for pair-ents?


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Frank Field has been recruited by the Coalition to be our "poverty Czar" - and has come up with the remarkable common sense conclusion, that our present benefits system encourages single parent families and that two parent families should be rewarded as the norm - is he right? :?

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Having been a single parent to my eldest, then a married parent to my youngest.


I would have to say there is a lot to be said for the benefits of single parenting, despite what popular concencus states.


my eldest whome I have moulded to respect me, elders, work for reward and my rule is law till you establish your own nest.


my youngest who has known nothing other than 2parents situation has conflicting standards between us, uses one against the other in terms of aking one parent for one thing, when refused sneaking to the other and trying to unwittingly get them to overrule the other. compromising our viewpoints in light of the other parents opinion.


this whole 2 parent family being not the bees knees that the masses would have us beleive only occured to me the other day.


BTW being a single parent is no excuse for not working, I managed it.

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Now you mention it Legion I do agree...


You may have a valid point there and thanks for waking me up to the reality of mum v/s kid v/s dad v/s kid v/s mum v/s dad v/s mum and dad v/s kid v/s all over again :shock::?


Hard work being a two parent family eh :shock::lol:

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