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Smith Confirms Mathers Departing


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According to Warrington Guardian, Smith has confirmed the above. Apparently club wanted to take up the option of a further year but he rejected it, and the club didn't enforce it.


Shame - he's been playing really well since the announcement of Hodgson's signing.

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I have got to say this is the worst bit of business Tony Smith has done.

Mathers is showing the world he is a top player - Hodgson is showing the world that now he knows he is leaving Huddersfield he doesn't give two hoots and has become an also ran! :oops:

Out with a 26 year-old Englismen in with a 33-year-old knackered Aussie! :cry:

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hang on hang on, before the announcement of Hodgsons signing Mathers was a liability. His regular gaffs were costing us 6-12 points a game.


Some people have very short memories :roll:


Its amazing how being out of contract the following year can suddenly focus a players mind and therefore bring about an improved performance level. And before you start I dont believe Mathers turned us down - I think we were being generous to him in the hope that it may spark more interest in him from other clubs.

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