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What price equality?


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Hello Mary,


The reason why councils cannot raise the pay of women is because their funding from Central Government has been decreased. Which means that councils are expected to achieve more for less. They also have a raft of indicators (set by central government) to achieve and plenty of inspection regimes (also set by central govt) which means money is eaten up rather quickly.


One of the ways of raising revenue would be to put up council tax by a considerable amount but this would be akin to political suicide for any local politicians.


Birmingham is the biggest local council in England so it is interesting to see what the outcome will be and I'm sure other Local Authorities who are waiting to announce their Job Evaluation results will be watching the Birmingham issue with some interest. Perhaps the reason why some received pay cuts is because they are overpaid and underworked?


I understand Central Govt is offering loans to councils who have serious issues with sorting out the pay problem, however, this is most probably going to put more local authorities into further debt and ultimately it is the public who will suffer.


Perhaps it is time for a job evaluation for MPs and senior civil servants?


I may be wrong (I'm sure someone on here can correct me) but Bury council had a particular problem when their job evaluation/equal pay results were announced as they had not had the foresight to set enough money aside to pay the increase in salaries.


From the comments below the article it appears the Nottingham bucked the trend by raising the pay of its senior staff and cutting the pay of its junior staff - interesting move!


What I also understand is that every council picked its own way of evaluating jobs - which means that the results are only applicable locally - so we will probably still see pay discrepancies (sp?) between people who do the same job in different local authorities - and I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years time the Govt decides to redo the evaluation exercise because we still have unequal pay between authorities!


Finally (yes I'll buzz off in a second) I would be interested to know how much it has cost local authorities to undertake the job evaluation/equal pay exercise?

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