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Who were Jo Crotty's minders?


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Aren't they her 3 supporters :lol::wink:


Her actual minder isn't on that photo. He was a small stocky grumpy chap usually in a dark suit who stared a people like a bouncer expecting trouble and then whisked her off out of the reaches of voters chat and questions :?:roll:


He's the reason why I didn't vote for her cos he was not nice at all... :shock:.....ok so he wasn't the whole reason :lol:

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I'm pretty disgusted actually with Crotty. I noticed on here that she was the only one not to have been interviewed after the votes results had been revealed. Apparently she had already left :?


But then the the Warr Guardian also reported that she "couldn't be bothered to make any form of statement to her disappointed voters" either... :roll: BAD LOSER although maybe she just believed her own campaign literature that was 'allegidely' written for her from above :roll::roll:


Shame as she's probably a really nice person in 'real' life.

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