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Misquoted or just totally Ignorant to the Facts


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Its really starting to annoy me now... not the Bistro Piere's new shop front as the new wooden structure is only covering new plain red brick anyway.....


But what is annoying me is the the fact every news report about it keeps quoting the Council members as saying that the Bistro's shop front is [/b]unsympathetic to the architectural detailing of the Grade 2 Victoria Building[/b] etc etc.


Have they got NO IDEA which buildings have statutory listing status and are Grade II listed.... do they not have a Heritage Officer who can advise them accordingly ?


Obviously not so I'll help them......


The whole building (formerly the Victoria Hotel) HAS NEVER EVER been GRADE II Listed. AnApplications were submitted to English Heritage at the same time to get the Mulberry Tree pub, the Police Station and the Victoria Hotel old building grade II listed but the latter was turned down as the Victoria building was not deemed to have enough heritage value...???? hence it was allowed to be mostly demolished and developed.


The building has however been on the councils own list of 'Locally Important buildings' for many years but that is just a far cry from being Statutory Listed.


For future reference the Statutory Grade II Listed Buildings in Stockton Heath are as follows :-


Mulberry Tree Hotel - Victoria Square - Grade II Listed


Police Station - Victoria Square - Grade II Listed


Red Lion Inn - London Road - Grade II Listed


Church of St Thomas - Stockton Heath - Grade II Listed


Nos,12, 14, 16, 18 & 20 London Raod (West Side) Grade II Listed


Milestone - Victoria Square (South Side) Grade II Listed


No.99 (Brook House) - Whitefield Road - Grade II Listed

(formerly listed underWalton Lea Road)


St.Thomas Vicarage - WALTON NEW ROAD (North side) - Grade II Listed


Lumb Brook Bridge - LUMB BROOK ROAD - Grade II Listed


Red Lane Bridge. - Red Lane - Grade II Listed

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Oooh was I ranting :wink::lol:


The two bridges are grade II listed because they are special of course :D:wink: but as you have asked I have just found you a link :lol:


Lumb Brook is an aquaduct and was grade II listed in 1983 and 1984 as each side has a seperate listing status... odd I know


http://www.imagesofengland.org.uk/QuickResults/default.aspx?qs=lumb brook bridge


and here's the one for Red Lane Bridge




No idea why the other bridges along the Bridgewater Canal aren't listed though.... perhaps they got board :lol:

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You are welcome Peter :wink:


Like you say though modern day stuff wouldn't last anywhere near that long but then again it's not designed to :wink:


Impressive to think that designers, engineers and builders of the past could build buildings (and even little bridges) in such a way to make them last for centuries despite them not having the same computer technology, method testing and 'qualifications' that many of our so called experts have today....


Wonder how many of our modern day building 'legacies' will still be standing in 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 years time :cry::?


Hopefully not too many of then eh :shock::lol:

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