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Team for Challenge Cup v Fev


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Louis Anderson

Vinnie Anderson

Ryan Atkins

Chris Bridge

Mike Cooper

Simon Grix

Ben Harrison

Mickey Higham

Matt King

Richie Mathers

Tyrone McCarthy

Lee Mitchell

Adrian Morley

Richie Myler

Chris Riley

David Solomona

Ben Westwood

Rhys Williams

Paul Wood





Garreth Carvell - broken ankle/lower leg


Carvell is expected to be out for up to 3 months. Medical staff at the club are happy with how the surgery went yesterday and are positive that he will be back in as short a time as possible.


Other injuries:


Lee Briers - hamstring

Chris Hicks - hamstring

Michael Monaghan - knee

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A broken toe doesn't take long to heal, which is handy.


It'd be nice to see what Williams can do, although I wouldn't have minded a call up for young Jordan Burke at full back, maybe switching Mathers into the halves, or putting him on the bench.


We should be confident about this one. The fans that is, we should leave the players to think seriously about it

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