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The Blue Candle


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Does anyone remember the Blue Candle which apparently was in Leigh St? I used to go there but can't remember exactly where it was. If anyone knows please let me know. Is the building still there and if so whereabouts? If not, what is there now?

Also the same for the Heaven n Hell club which didn't last all that long but was fun while it did.

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well despite there being a thread on both in the group information is sketchy at best.

the blue candle was in leigh street but that is all that is said about it.no exact location given apart from that and i think it was in an upper floor


the heaven and hell club was in bewsey street and was the former liberal club. mods upstairs and rockers downstairs hence the name. heard that it was closed down in the 60's due to clashes between the two (now there is a surprise :roll: )


that is about it really not a great deal but maybe some other poster will be forthcoming.

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I remember the Blue Candle being upstairs. Hopefully somebody else will remember where it was.

As for the Heaven n Hell, I am rather confused. I used to go there regularly while it was there (which wasn't very long) and I don't remember it being in Bewsey St. Also, I don't remember anything about it being mods in one part and rockers in another. It was just all one place as far as I remember and there wasn't any trouble. We just turned up one night and it was closed without any warning or explanation and we were all very disappointed.

I thought we used to walk down Sankey St and turn left somewhere to get to it which wouldn't lead to Bewsey St would it? Or maybe old age is finally starting to get to me, lol. Does anyone know the address of the old liberal club?

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