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Another question. Does anyone remember Rylands on Manchester Rd? My Dad worked there for a while sometime in the 60's. Whereabouts on Manchester Rd was it? Was it before or after the cemetery travelling towards town from Kingsway? Manchester Rd is almost unrecognisable in some sections. We used to go to a doctors along there as well. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Alan (sp?). I don't suppose their surgery is there anymore. Anyway, any info about all this would be appreciated.

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Rylands - if you stood outside the Ring o Bells, next to the Parish church, and looked across the road you would see what most people knew as Rylands offices. Behind that on several sites were the wire works, Dalton Bank possibly being the main one. Even further behind that they had a site in Battersby/Marsh house lane.


For anyone who deplores the loss of industry, they should read my fathers account of working at Rylands in the old days.


Rylands sports ground in Gorsey lane is, and always has been, a jewel in warrington's crown.


Re doctors surgery, I think there is still one on Manchester road virtually opposite to what would be the Manchester end of "Rylands Offices", by what are now traffic lights on the town centre side of St Elphins park. Also a larger surgery in Helsby street, dangerously close to the cemetery.


Happy days

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