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N. Greening and Sons


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Does anyone remember Greenings wireworks which used to be in Bewsey Rd? I worked there for a while at the beginning of 1965. It doesn't seem to be there anymore. Can anyone tell me what is in it's place as I can't remember the exact location. Google street view has prompted all these enquiries as I left Warrington 40 years ago for Oz and so much has changed.

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greenings main entrance was bewsey road and the works ran behind the houses along lovely lane up to the manchester/liverpool railway line, which seperated it from the hospital. going the other way it ran along bewsey road up to the main north south line. i was told that all the bricks that went into the works were made on site from clay dug up from the site .


my father Stanley Hinde worked there for many years as a wire weaver and as a chargehand in the transport department. my uncle George "nodger" lloyd also worked there as a waver.


my sister did a stint in the offices in the seventies and my brother worked for Cr transport who did most of the light haulage for greenings.


it is now a housing estate or at least half of it is the other half is awaiting development. i did manage to get a picture of the chimney coming down when Fred Dibnah did the business but only the one as i did not have a flashy camera and by the time i had wound the film on it had gone.


i also have a few pictures of a presentation evening which i assume is at greenings. think it was a long service award but not sure as the album it was in belonged to my late uncle and there is little info on the picture itself. will have to post it online somewhere and drop yo a link to see if it jogs any memories.


i used to love the christmas parties that they put on for the kids and have vivid memories of Charlie Harris presiding over things and leading the singing in the canteen.


i held my wedding evening bash in that canteen, all the beer and food supplied by my family and a great night, not that i remember much of it but from the hangover i had the following day it must have been a good one. :lol:

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