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Was on the Argos website comparing products and deals and thought how much easier it would be to make a voting decision if you could compare the various political parties and their 'policies' side by side rather than in dribs and drabs via news and leaflets... and it seems you can on this website.


Select the parties you would like to compare then click the tabs at the top to move through crime, education, tax etc etc etc.




Sadly unlike Argos though..... with voting you don't get the same 30 day 'returns' policy if you don't like what you get or the statutory 12 months guarantee incase of failure :lol::wink:

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No :lol: ....although after reading some of the specific areas a lot of Labours suggestions and promises did sound the best option :shock::lol: Shame they screwed the country up though eh :evil: and then of course there are some Conservative ideas which make sense and even a few Lib Dem ones too:shock:... and some that I am really against :?


Maybe they should change the voting system whereby you vote a 'party' in to oversee a particular 'subject area' rather than to vote one lot in and let them loose with the whole lot :wink:


For those like me who are not party brainwashed we may aswell just shut our eyes and stick a pin into the voting paper and place the cross where the hole is 8)

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Think of it like this Diz: the ship's sinking, and the politicians are running round argueing over non-existent deck chairs. All you need to consider is: who will save the majority of passengers from drowning or, as in Titanic, will they look after the first class passengers first?! :?

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