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Sock it to them.


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(ww news) the item about sox for our troops in Afghanistan; was a bit surprising in this day and age, and in the light of the PMs claim that our troops are fully provisioned. Reminds one of the days knitted items were sent to our troops in the Crimea (balaclavas) or the WW1 western front; or the German's appeal for winter clothing for the WW2 eastern front. What's going on? :?

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Agreed Harry... having had the privilege of receiving feedback regarding many parcels sent out to our troops like you say many are overwhelmed by the receipt of their parcels regardless of what they contain and also the personal letters sent in a lot of them from complete strangers who have taken the time to write and think of them. The letters and parcels are even more important for those who for whatever reason have no family to write to them


Some stories fill you with a feeling of amazement such as how a packet of sweets saved a soldiers life whilst others are completely heartbreaking to hear such as how the younger troops often use talcum powder to keep their bedding or clothing 'fresh' when they are so scared that they become incontinent :cry::cry:

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