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Lost Childhoods?


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A fairly shocking statistic on Newsnight tonight: 30% of sexual abuse cases are allegedley committed on kids by other kids. Has this always gone on, are such youngsters genetically evil, but wider and instant press reporting is making matters more transparent OR is this learnt behaviour being inflicted upon children by a media, advertising and film industry, obsessed with the gratuitous portrayal of sex and violence, finding it's way into impressionable young minds? :?

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It's always gone on. Half the time, it's incest too. Don't forget the term "child" in that context covers anyone under 16.


It's equally common practice in a lot of rural areas where civilisation and cable TV haven't yet reached young people, and where religious communities ban sex education and beat their children for answering back.


It's also common for children abused early on to go on and abuse other children as soon as they are able.


There's no increase in the levels of abuse. There's an increase in spotting it, an increase in discussion of the subject and a decrease in the taboo/shame that prevented victims and families from talking about it. There's also an increase in the amount of detail the media loves to include. Hopefully the increased openess and awareness will decrease the number of silent victims though.

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I would suggest that the media and films "increase" the numbers as that seems to be today's role model. ie, whoever heard of cars being stolen and then 'torched'?

And if society continues along the path where no-one feels pain, how can children and teenagers understand pain when they inflict it on others?

And it doesn't help when parents dress their 5 year olds as slappers and schools teach them about sex before they can walk.

What happened to the age of innocence?

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