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Fantastic Tim - World best 1500 15 yr old swimmer from P

Geoff Settle

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I was in the New Local Chippy earlier in the week and was short of money. A kind gentleman settled my bill and we got chatting as his son was taking photos of my fish for his IT project.


It turns out that this lad has the best time in the world for 1500 meter swimming for his age.


He trains every day at 4:30 in the Commonwealth Pool in Manchester, costs his dad 8 - 9,000 pound and he lives in Orford.


What a talent.


I tried to recommend him for some assistance from our Parish Council on Monday but this was turned down because he doesn't live in the Parish - but he does go to school in the Parish - at least the LEA school governor now knows of his existence.


I rang his dad to tell him and he was very philosophical about the whole thing. He did tell me that he had approached the Warrington Sports Council before Xmas but still hadn't heard - if anyone can give me a contact number I can chase this up for him - I used to be a member but that was over a decade ago.


Yesterday I attended the PCT/Stronger Together Breakfast Workshop and an opportunity came up to further Tim's 2012 dream. When a member of the Fordtron Leisure got up to talk about the great Orford Project he mentioned the new pool - a 25 meter one - people were still complaining about the demise of the Town Centre Baths - and rightly so but 25 meters that?s not inspirational I called across to him.


If it's to be ASPIRATIONAL you want a 50 meters pool; don't you realise that you have a swimming star in the making? Do you know I actually go a great deal of support for my comments?


Tim's Dad also told me that Warrington Warriors - the main swimming team has had to split up all over the place to train - they need proper facilities.


Funny thing is at least three people jumped in and said that it wasn't yet a done deal and that a 50 meter pool might well be on the table.


Let?s hope so, Tim has a dream he is going to compete in the London 2012 Olympics. What a fantastic dream to have, he has the determination and talent let?s hop that he and many other Warringtonians get the support they deserve.

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