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The Roman Coinage of Cheshire


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:D James Balme has been researching an ancient Iron Age/Roman settlement in Cheshire for many years. During that time he has been lucky enough to discover many rare Roman coins including silver Denarii dating as far back as 118BC. In this film see for yourself just a small selection of the coins that James has Recovered during his investigations.





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Has James lost his voice :shock::wink:


Rather a melancholy video and sort of leads me to the expectation of an sad 'in memory of' after the James and friends pics at the end :shock: Was so relieved to not get one :D:lol:


Anyway as for the coins aren't they wonderful and I wonder how much they were worth and what sort of things they were actually handed over for in their time.


What could a Roman have bought with them?...a bag of grain, some clothing, an animal, or something far bigger... I wonder... fascinating stuff :D:wink:

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