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Interesting history on Wilkiepedia: what was particularly interesting was the Marxist Government supported by the Soviet Union, which pursued secular policies of universal education (incl for women), banning the burka and landlordism etc. Opposition arose from the Mujaedeen, an assortment of the dispossed elite and religious fundementalists, who were soon backed by the USA and supplied with modern weapons; one of it's more notible members being a certain Osama Bin Laden! So; in it's cold war obsession against all things communist and the USSR; the USA laid the foundation of it's current war with Al Queda and Islamic Fundementalism - thus the dog they trained and created, is now biting them back - ironic eh?! :?

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If you look back through history Observer - you will find many civilizations have gone through this same thing before. I believe the UK has as well, many times(America, parts of Africa, Ireland to name a few). Yes we did play many mind games during the Cold War - all of us that have power did. I guess we reap what we sow.

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