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40 years!


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And I still love that song!


To answer your question Observer I think that any band that was good back then would do fine because they start together going to gigs until more and moe people like them and then they make records. We still have plenty of artists do this today. Not everythin g that is out is Hollywoodized.


Either way an artist goes it will be tough - like all things, to be very good at something it takes hard work.

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I disagree, Mary. Hard work gets you an early grave. Success takes public relations promotions and television. In the 60s we still had PAYOLA to get a new sound out in front of the masses.


OK, so the Beatles put in a year in Hamburg learning to play their instruments, still without that first promoter guy who died young, who had a crush on John, they might not have gotten any exposure outside of Liverpool.

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