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The Great Axe Mystery ......


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:shock:8) Historian James Balme has discovered many ancient treasures throughout the years from the landscape, but as his reputation has grown he has been approached by members of the public who have found unusual objects by pure chance from in or around their homes.




Recently James was contacted by someone who had found an old axehead laying hidden in the loft of their home that had been there since before they ever bought the house. Who had left it there and where had they found it ? These questions may never be answered but following examination and research into the axehead itself James believes that this is a mysterious object that may tell a great story from hundreds if not thousands of years ago !!!! :)

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:? Oh Wolfie, of course it was left in the loft by the previous owner, i already know that !!! The question is more of why was such an ancient object put up there and more importantly where he got it from, did he dig it up whilst cultivating the land or did he acquire it from someone ??

Unfortunately whoever left it there moved away over 50 years ago and is no longer with us so an answer to that question has gone.


Now its more important to date the axehead and to try and give it some provenance. No matter how it came to be in the loft the fact remains its an important artefact from our past ... :roll:

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