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Stocked up with food?


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Many elderly folk are basically confined to their homes at the moment, so it can help if a few weeks supply of canned food is maintained as a contingency in kitchen cupboards - the only problems appear to be bread, and milk (unless you can drink condensed), and eggs (don't know if they do powdered egg these days?). Have you got a stock on? :?

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I've not as we've still things left from xmas :lol: but going on the emptiness of many of the shelves in our local Coop (was Sommerfield) again yesterday seems many are panic buying.


There was no bread AGAIN, no potatos and hardly any vegetables, meat or milk etc.... even though they had had full deliveries yesterday morning :?


Going to do some shopping for the oldies round here later and if nothing else all the extra walks back and too are a good form of excercise as I've not used my car once all over a week :D Infact if there's a food shortage think how much weight we can all lose for summer 8):wink:

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