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Blue bottles in the red!


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Always going to happen in that once people know the problem they'll try to avoid it leaving a hard core who dont care and the stupid. However the latter arent enought to cover the costs.


What worries me more is the 2/3rd of successful appeals. That surely must be eating up the most revenue. If I got 2/3rds of my job wrong i'd be out of work!

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Is that ?1M set up cost a one-off? If so, then presumably they'll make a profit in future years, as they must have made ?950,000. Or are you saying it's ?1M a year to run? Then we'd be paying ?1000 a week for the service - which isn't a lot, really, when you consider road safety and the total population served.


I don't mind sticking in a few pence each week to make sure pedestrian crossings are clear and people don't park so badly that lives are endangered. Given the amount I'm already paying for council tax dodgers to live large and councillors to eat jaffa cakes....... :twisted:

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I can't watch the auditions for any of these shows - it's car crash telly. I have a dear friend who is devoted to them all - it's so bad, I check the telly listings before going round to see her now. She's made me suffer too many times. Each to his own, as they say, but honestly, how many times can one watch a waiter who doesn't know the words OR the tune making himself look silly? Or enjoy the talentless gobbing off at the experts? I'd rather have root canal work!! :lol:

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Is it just me having a bad maths day? but the figures quoted from the council don?t add up :?


It says 13,909 tickets were issued and the total income was ?954,702 ???


There were 11934 tickets issued for on-street parking offences and 1975 tickets issued for off-street offences. That adds up to 13909 so that?s right but then I get confused.


Out of the total 13909 tickets issued 2344 were challenged and cancelled (1645 on street + 699 off street)


That leaves a GRAND TOTAL OF ISSUED TICKETS actually PAYABLE of 11565


Now? there are different levels of fine according to the council website and these are ?70 and ?50. Each can be reduced by 50% if you pay within 14 days.


So.. if ALL were worst case scenario fines of ?70 and NOT reduced because of early payment the total income would be


11565 x ?70 = ?809,550


If the majority of fines were the ?50 ones though ie not displaying a ticket or parking with your wheel touching a white line in a car park space etc etc then the total income would be


11565 x ?50 = ?578,250


As most people would simply pay up promptly to take advantage of the 50% reduction BOTH the above figures would be halved. !!!


SO?. How have the council managed to get an income of ?954,702 ??? as surely it must be less meaning they have made more of a loss than they are saying ?


Oooh just realised X-factors come on so I?ll stop ?thinking? now :D

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Would the figures include court costs paid by those whose tickets were upheld? Cos the expenditure must include the cost of all the court cases, win or lose.... That's all I can think of - except that you'd be amazed how many people don't pay promptly, they just ignore things until it gets really serious and end up paying all kinds of extras.


You and Obs watching together? :lol:

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They don't go to real court if you appeal.


You phone to the council they tell you to sod off... so you put it in writing to them outlining WHY you want to appeal.... they once again tell you to sod off. At which point you can request that it goes to an independant adjudicator (or whatever they are called).


The adjudicator then contacts you to discuss the matter and to see if you still want to proceed. If you DO, you are offered an 'in person' or 'phone' hearing.


In the mean time you will have received a 1/2 inch thick document from the council outlining the findings regarding YOUR particular parking offence :shock::?


At the phone hearing you will find yourself on a phone line with the adjudicator and usually two members of the council (one for witness purposes probably :wink: ).


Mr Adjudicator speaks to and questions all persons 'present' but you can only speak when he allows you. If you are successful/unsuccessful in your appeal you are told at the end of the conversation.


I don't think any costs are added becasue if you win you only get your ticket cancelled so I guess it works both ways and if you lose you just have to pay it... or maybe not :shock::lol:


I do wonder how much it must cost for all the documentation and council presence at such appeal hearings though when there are obvious faults regarding the issue of some tickets in the first place though :?

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.... PS forgot to add....


My favourite tonight was Jamie... the bloke who looks like a member of the 'Hair Bear Bunch'. :lol: Wonder how many creatures are living in that head of fuz :shock:


I used to like the bisexual teacher (Daniel ?) as he's got a great voice and is rather good looking :wink: but he's getting a bit cocky and full of himself :roll:


Joe is really cute though and so is Lloyd :oops:


Lucy the young girl from Wales is v good with the right song and Stayseeee from Dagenam should stick to singing and should NOT TALK !! EEK. Scarey :shock::lol:


I'll shut up as I realise I am probably embarrassing myself now :lol::lol: Over to you Obs :wink:

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