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New training facility?


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Isn't it at Padgate ? :?


Yes Dismayed! Warrington Town FC will be able to make use of Orford Park as a partner, and ?1 million of the funding has come from the Football Foundation.

Not quite sure what Obs is trying to ruffle feathers about.

The Orford Park project will be a great boost for the town.

The only issue I have is calling it the Orford Project when it is for the benefit of the whole town.

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I'd ask my son for you obs the next time I see or hear from him as he's doing his Sports Coaching Degree at Padgate and specialising in Rugby League. He works for Blackpool RFL




He's 2nd from the right.

At half- time of the thrilling 30-30 draw between the Panthers and Oldham, Anthony Foley, Gareth Nixon, Peter Kearns and Jackie Dempsey were presented with their volunteer awards from John Chadwick and Nick Settle from Blackpool Panthers and Chris Chamberlain Lancashire Development Office

Isn't he a handsome devil :lol:


The only problem is that he landed in Perth yesterday for a well end break following a very successful season. he'll be visting the Western Reds who he worked for during his gap year.

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