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Labour's election plan

Lt Kije

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The Labour Party today confirmed that its campaign in next year?s general election will be masterminded by current Afghan president Hamid Karzai. Aides say that Gordon Brown was extremely impressed by Mr Karzai?s ability to galvanise the vote in his country?s recent elections, particularly as the Afghan leader had initially proved to be an unpopular choice after being installed by Tony Blair against the will of the nation.


However, the news has received a mixed reception in Afghanistan, with many warning Mr Karzai against involvement in an unwinnable conflict in which there are certain to be heavy casualties.


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Wouldn't put to much faith in current opinion polls: both Parties know there has to be some drastic cuts in services and/or increases in taxation after the next election - that's when we'll really feel the pain. :shock: Labour arn't cutting now, cos it will cost them the election, and the Tories are trying to sugar the pill with a promise to cut the political gravy train (good: but peanuts in the grand scheme of things). :shock: SO; the big question we should all be asking ourselves prior to casting our votes IS: which Party can I trust to give ME the least pain? :?

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