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Nigel Farage has said he has had aleast 2 million out of europe :!:


His defence, it was within the rules :wink::lol:


this came out back in June.... try and keep up Kije.


It just goes to show how much bloody waste there is so I wouldn't see it as a piece of positive propaganda for your pro-European stance.


If one man can get that much, think how much the rest of them are stealing from the pot paid for by us!!

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You do not have to take your allowances, but he was working within the rules :wink:


True enough, and yes he was wrong to take it all, but as Obs says, if the system can hand over that sort of allowance to one person in one year, the system and the organisation as a whole is corrupt

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Our own Mps were working within the rules, didn't stop you calling them :wink:


One rule for Nigel because you like him, and another for everyone you don't :wink: double standard coming in here Obs :!::wink:


Or should I say you can put up with him because he is fighting on your side :wink:


well i didn't say i liked him or supported what he has done.....

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Obs I know that our system is corrupt, I was just commentating on the difference in treatment you give out.


UK Mps vitriol from you, over many posts


Mr Farage a couple of posts that had to be squeezed out of you :wink:


Should your vitriol not be spread generously over all of them, Or is Mr Farage more equal than the others :lol::wink:

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