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You are correct JayC, I have just checked on who qualifies for the Champions League and found out that when Liverpool cheated Everton out of a place in the cup, that they also forced a rule change and now winners automatically go through at the expense of the fourth side, who go into the UEFA Cup.

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Facts matey please Everton had to qualify as the 4th place team , Liverpool had to prequalify 3 games before Everton needed to kick a ball.


Now surely we wont our top 4 teams in the competion and cleary Everton where not up to the job after failing to get into the group stages.



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Originally posted by wolfie:

Gary Megson has made it clear that staying in the Premier League is far more important than winning the UEFA Cup. I presume it must come down to money. :roll:

As a ST holder, very very disappointed with the attitude shown in both the UEFA & FA Cups under Megson. He's done a great job sorting out the mess left behind by Norman Wisdom, but is dropping virtually every first tema player against Sheff Utd & Sporting really going to help in the relegation battle?


There seems to be far far too much emphasis on players being "rested" in order to be fit for a such and such a game nowadays. Surely if Bolton had sent a full strength team last night and won (Sporting were clearly there for the taking) the boost to morale would have given them a much bigger boost for Sunday surely, than missing what would have been one of the bigest games of some of the player's careers?

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