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Warburton Stone Carving mystifies experts


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:shock: Well my discovery of the large stone carving from the river Bollin has so far totally mistified experts who have seen nothing like it before !!! :?:



It clearly depicts the body of a child covered with a blanket with a wooden stake driven into the ground and a rope or ligiture around the neck. This was a common sacrificial practise during prehistoric & early Bronze Age times and this stone effigy was probably carved & placed in the river thousands of years ago where it had remained until its discovery in May 2009 !!! :?

Due to its size and weight (50 kg) and its partial burial in the riverbed it has probably hardly moved at all over that period.

One noticable feature is the fact that the carving has been polished and smoothed by flowing water and sand over a very long period :shock:


So why has it puzzled the experts ? simply because nothing like this has been found in the past so there are no other known samples to compare this carving against.

It is possible that this is a unique discovery from prehistoric times and if so it will be a find of national archaeological importance ... :P


As soon as i have more answers to this ever deepening mystery i will post them on here ....

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