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Joleon Lescott

Jonathan Levy

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I know its just a ball game but I don't remember ever feeling as angry with a player as I do now towards Joleon Lescott. His lack of loyalty to Everton is an absolute disgrace. He should never have played last Saturday and I'm glad to say has been axed from the squad for tomorrow's for Europa League play-off first leg against Sigma Olomouc. I'd be very surprised if he ever played for us again.


I cannot stand it when players instantly lose interest in wearing the shirt the moment another club is linked with them. I hate this whole Man City huge spending business. Yes I admit I'm a little jealous but Everton under David Moyes and Bill Kenwright would never go about trying to sign a player as disgracefully as Man City have with Lescott. Whilst I've always found him somewhat dull, Mark Hughes always seemed a genuine, respectful guy. He also happened to play for Everton for a short while towards the end of his career. The fact he hasn't once rung Moyes to discuss signing Lescott is pathetic. As for suggesting Man City are a bigger club than Everton :roll: , what a load of absolute nonsense. Not quite as laughable though as when Birmingham owner David Gold in the summer of 2004 suggested they were a bigger club than Everton. :lol:


For a number of years now many supporters who have been watching football far longer than me have stated how sad it is what a major role money now has in the game. For the first time ever I now feel that sadness. I never felt any anger towards Rooney when he left, I don't blame him for making that move. After all, it seemed Everton where on a downward spiral at that time and to become a top, top player he was never realistically going to stay at Everton but the Lescott situation is different. I am convinced he won't do any better at Man City than he already has at Everton. I don't doubt for a moment that Everton have and will continue to have far greater team spirit than Man City. It's almost inconceivable that in the coming months certain squad members will openly voice their displeasure at something or other. I like many others hope they have a season of great underachievement, and many more to come.

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One small point- say you want to resign from yoru job, you just do it (notice period permitting etc). Footballer is restrained from doing that. Now i know they are on very good money etc but it is a bit backward that such freedom of movment (see treaty of rome 1957) isnt allowed.


However as fan i agree also with the original sentiments expressed

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wah wah wah


City have done nothing wrong, if they have the required money and they want to make a bid for a player they are entitled to do so, Everton did exactly the same when they bought him from Wolves. They didnt want to let him go


At the end of the day footballers will go where the money is, we have had to accept that fact for tears, just makes a nice change that some decent players are finally come in out direction instead of vice versa


I guess we all have to get used to all the jealousy surrounding Citys spending


However I can only see positive points from the Abu Dhabi takeover. They have ploughed more money into the premierleague, kept ticket prices low, helf lots of events for the fans, up to now they have been the model example of how a foreign takeover should be handled


I just hope we can have a decent season and shut up a lot of people in the media, that would be nice

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I hate this whole Man City huge spending business. .
Agree with all you've said, and I too hate the fact money has ruined the game, but I'm sorry, I can't agree with 'hate Man City doing it'.


It's bloody great that they (or any team) is putting up the funds to challenge the boring stranglehold that the top 4 in England have, and let's face it, money is the only way it will happen, just as it did for Chelsea, but there was nowhere near the clamour when they did it.

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