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Sometimes im feeling down, don?t know why

All I can see is the grey clouds over the horizian, no end in sight

I just cant find my way anyway.

Tears filling up, I ask myself why, I can feel the sadness, my whole body cries out. Im a weary traveler


I can see the suns light trying to break threw, walking on the path with no one to guide me, all I see is darkness, waving my hands in front of me to find my way

I can feel it

Sometimes I just feel like falling to my knees,

Looking for a guide, the light to a brighter day.

I just want to be happy like anyone else, enjoying the times. But it seems it will never go my way. Maybe my life will be like that.


but I can just imagine

to understand this world

to truly know in some way

to be embraced in the sunlight

with happiness

I know there will be a time

in Some tomorrow

I can just imagine

and understand


But i shall never fall again

for the true guide is inside

the hope is there

And I will rise to the challenges

for everything makes us

I will breath again with full life in me

And the light will break threw the darkest of clouds

There will be my time

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