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Five Year Plan

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If you followed the development of the club properly you will have already seen my comments regarding this which I am happy to state again.

When the new board took over none of us had been involved in running a football club before.

None of us knew just how many issues/problems had to be dealt with before we were able to fully focus on the playing front.

Now we are nearing a level playing field financially we can start to move the team forward - but first we had to secure the future of the club.

My comments about trying to get the club in the football league in five years were very ambitious - if you want to shoot me down for having ambition feel free - I have very broad shoulders and know that the real fans of the club are fully on board with what we are trying to achieve.

Now two years on I feel we will have made major progress if we are knocking of the door of the Conference North within five years from now!

I still have the ambition to move the club forward.

If you would like to help out make yourself known to me and help us move the club forward.

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