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The Human Race.


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a bunch of ape like beings crowded into a dark cave for protection and vying for a mate, occasionally venturing out in search of food and fighting to protect their territory.


oh wait that was warrington town centre at the weekend :lol:


nothing changes much :wink:

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Tut, tut: found it rather dissapointing, a golden opportunity lost: the presenter seemed to want to hog the prog; the use of kiddies cartoons was pathetic, given they could have created more interest through the use of re-enactment actors to give the viewer a sense of this history. Also questions of accuracy: Alice Norton dismisses the Sinai route out of Africa because the oldest skeletal fossils found are restricted to Israel, and makes the assumption that those migrants died out. There's also the question of migrations of pre-humans such as the Neaderthals, who also originated in Africa. No mention either of the theory that humans fully developed their brains and planning capacity, whilst isolated in extremely dry conditions in southern Africa - apoint covered by the much better prog on evolution by Prof Whinstanley. :roll:

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