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Bacchus Wine Bar Culcheth


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Does anyone know when this place will be closed down? Every week there is trouble in the place and this week-end again was no exception. There was fighting on Friday and Saturday night.


This bar was supposedly going to make Culcheth the place everyone would want to be for a night out. It was meant to attract the best customers. Instead it's had the opposite effect. It's attracting people who have already had their fill of booze in other places, most of them are out of control. I thought pub owners where supposed to eject people when they'd had more than enough to drink? It's a blot on the landscape and shouldn't be allowed to continue. How on earth did they get the go ahead in the first place?

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So I take it that this post actually relates to the fact that the place has just been granted approval for a taxi operation and your not that happy about it? Well if it?s bad now, it?s only going to get worse when people start queuing outside for a taxi.


I don?t know Culcheth that well, but if most of the pubs there shut before the wine bar, then it?s just asking for trouble.



Bill :)

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